Amihan. English translation (eBook)


Amijan is the monsoon wind that is about to blow over the Philippine Islands when Beatriz arrives from Spain hoping to learn more about the life and fate of her grandmother, also Beatriz. The latter sailed with her husband, a scion from the town of Negros, to the Philippines as a newly wed in the 1890’s and never returned. Beatriz will discover during her visit the political intrigues and historical events of 1896 that her grandmother participated in as well as the all consuming love affair she lived. The author cleverly takes us back and forth between centuries with a spellbounding novel that unfolds in 19th century and modern Manila and, in great part, around the sugar cane fields and their wealthy Spanish owners at a time when Spain is about to lose the islands. True historical participants and a hero of that formidable period in Philippine history are introduced into the plot as personages, thus giving realism to the story line. Past and present blend when Beatriz return to her grandmother’s house in Negros where she finds herself to be the heir of an incredibly fascinating legacy.

It would not be fair to say more and spoil the reader’s enjoyment. A real page turner!